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Tutush: The Seljuqs in Syria

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This list covers the early campaigns of Atsiz b Uvak in Syria, until his failed invasion of Fatimid Egypt. Atsiz was then replaced by Tutush, one of Sultan Malik-Shah's brothers, who established a strong position in Syria.

Army List


• Atsiz b Uvak


0-1 Seljuq Divisions of

1 ‘Ghilman’

1 ‘Turkomen’


1-2 Turkoman Divisions of

2 ‘Turkomen’


1 Syrian Division of

1 ‘Syrian’ or ‘Armenian’ Cavalry

1 ‘Syrian’ or ‘Armenian’ Archers

0-1 ‘Ahdath’

Optional Units

0-1 ‘Fatimid Refugees’

0-1 ‘Kurds’


• Tutush

1-2 Seljuq Divisions

0-1 Guards

1-2 ‘Ghilman’ or ‘Khurasanians’

1-2 Syrian Divisions

1 ‘Ghilman’

1 ‘Syrian’ Cavalry

0-1 ‘Syrian’ or ‘Kurd’ Cavalry

0-1 ‘Bedouins’

1-2 Turkoman Divisions

2-3 ‘Turkomens’


0-2 Ahdath Divisions

1-2 ‘Ahdath’

1 ‘Mutatawwi’a’ or ‘Jabaliya’


Optional Units

0-1 ‘Dailami’ Guards

0-1 ‘Agulani’ or ‘Mudajjaj’

0-2 ‘Syrian’ or ‘Armenian’ archers


If two unit strengths are listed, a player may choose which sized unit to field.



Expert Heavy Horse Archers- Initiative 7 (wave)

4 (pts)


Ghilman or Khurasanians

Medium Horse Archers- Initiative 7 (wave)

4 (72)

6 (102)



Light Horse Archers- Initiative 6 (wave)

4 (60)

8 (84)


Agulani or Mudajjaj

Audacious Armoured Cavalry- Initiative 7

4 (82)


Audacious Heavy Cavalry- Initiative 6

4 (60)


Syrian, Armenian or Fatimid-refugees (wave)

Medium Heavy Cavalry- Initiative 6

4 (52)

6 (72)



Light Irregular Horse- Initiative 6 (wave)

4 (48)


Dailami Guardsmen

Elite Heavy Shock- Initiative 6

4 (pts)


The Wazir Nizam al-Mulk recommended that Seljuq armies be mixed Dailami and ghilman. Few Dailami were employed in Syria.


Armenian or Syrian archers

Light or Medium Archers- Initiative 6

4 (28 -4 if brittle)

6 (38 -6 if brittle)

Armenians may be optionally downgraded to brittle.


Ghazis, Mutatawwi'a, Swordsmen and Glaivemen

Medium Shieldsmen with Shock detachment- Initiative 6

6 (pts)



Audacious Light Irregulars- Initiative 6

4 (20)



Light or Medium Shieldsmen with light archer detachment- Initiative 5

6 (32)

8 (39)

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