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Introduction 600-774 AD


Contemporary references to this army are infrequent, like many Dark Age armies. The basis for most lists is the 8th C code of Astolf. This divides the Lombard military into three classes.


The first class are the Lombard armoured nobles and retainers (gastaldi, gasindii). The second class are unarmoured cavalry, and likely formed a detached second line. The thid class are the the Lombard foot. These were supposed to be equipped with a bow and small shield.


In 600 AD Avars allied with one Lombard state. It is dubious that the armies co-operated on any battlefield.


The Lombard Kingdom was conquered in 774 AD by the Carolingians. Two independent duchies survived in the south (Spoleto, Benevento) until absorbed by the Normans in the 11th C.


In this period Lombard cavalry fought with a lance wielded in 2 hands. Some depictions show small round shields.

  • Army List


2-4 Divisions of

1 Lombard Armoured Lancers

1-2 Lombard Cavalry


1-2 Divisions of

1-2 Lombard Archers

0-1 Italian Levies


1 Allied Avar Division (600 AD only)

2-3 Avar

0-1 Avar Scouts


Optional Units




Lombard Armoured Lancers

Audacious 'Heavy Cavalry'- Initiative 6

3 Bases - (xx pts)

4 Bases - (xx pts)


Lombard Cavalry

'Medium Cavalry'- Initiative 6

3 Bases - (xx pts)

4 Bases - (xx pts)


Lombard Archers

Light or Medium Archers - Initiative 5

4 Bases - (xx pts)

6 Bases - (xx pts)


Italian Levies

Medium Irregulars

4 Bases - (xx pts)

6 Bases - (xx pts)

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