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Golden Lilies: The Armies of France

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This err, ambitious list, is supposed to cover the Royal armies of France. It should be suitable for the wars of Philip Augustus (late 12th C- say Bouvines) through to the early 100 Years War (mid-14th C) (e.g. Crecy, Poitiers)


Royal French armies did not appear to have a very formal structure. For instance, the 'battles' (divisions) organised by Louis IX at Mansourah varied in size and structure. Some could consist entirely of knights and other men-at-arms. Others were almost entirely infantry.


Some regional knights enjoyed a high reputation- such as those from Champagne. Over this period the level of protection for knights rose. At Bouvines however, the first body to be engaged was 'lightly armoured', as they had not time to fully arm themselves before rescuing their rearguard.


Mounted crossbowmen could co-operate with lighty protected scouts and sergeants.


Army List




Pre 1200 AD



Batte of Bouvines


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