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Shattered Lances Army Lists

Lists in Progress



Rise of Islam 600-750 AD


Germanic Kingdoms and Enemies 600-750 AD


European Dark Ages 750-1000 AD


Pre-Seljuq Armies 750-1000AD


Seljuq-Era Armies 1000-1100 AD


Armies of the Latin West 1000-1300 AD


Armies of the Outremer 1100-1300 AD



Baltic Crusades


The Reconquista and Africa



The Mongol Era


The Age of Chivalry: Western Europe


Rise of the Ottomans



China and East Asia

Final Drafts

Orphan Lists :-(


Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 6:56 pm on Apr 16, 2006

With respect to the various Byzantine lists, I wonder if a Dynastic approach would be more descriptive.

Hence, Heraclean Dynasty for the early wars against the Srabs and Umayyad Caliphate, then say Isaurian-Phyrygian for the second stage, and conclude with the Macedonian Dynasty and the 10th C offensives...

Anonymous said

at 1:09 am on Mar 28, 2007

A dynastic approach has some merit, but might not be entirely relevant over the entire period.
For the early parts of our period the rise and fall of dynasties, the Heraclian dynasty for example, pretty neatly correspond to major changes in the fortunes of the Byzantine armies.
There would be a bit of a problem in the later parts of the period, though. The Macedonian dynasty in particular is a bit problematic. The army of Basil I (late 8th C) did not differ significantly from that of his predecessor. The major change really occurs in the 950s-960s with the shift to a more professioanl and offensive-minded army.

The Thematic lists could perhaps be renamed, Isaurian-Phrygian might work as you suggest. On the other hand, this is the period in which the army really is based on the Thematic forces.... Not sure here.

The real candidate for being renamed would, I think, be Nikephorian. How about 'The age of the Soldier Emperors' or 'Later Macedonian Dynasty'?

Not sure.

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