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The Avars are traditionally treated as having an early period (the conquest of the Carpathian Basin and the wars against Byzantium) and a late period (8th C and the wars against Charlemagne). This list covers this 7th C early period only.


The early period is characterised by horse archers in heavy (better) armours, supported by Utigur and Kutrigur (Bulgars) contingents, plus Slav subjects to absorb casualties. Slavs might be deployed first.


In the later period, the proportion of heavy horse archers decline.

Army List


2-4 Avar Division

2-3 Avar Horse Archers

0-1 Avar Skirmishers


1-2 Bulgar Divisions (1)

2-3 Bulgar Horse Archers


(1) Bulgars cannot be used between 630 and 675 AD. If used after 675 they must be classed as allied. If any Bulgars are classed as allied before 631, then all Bulgars must be allied.


1-2 Slav Subject Divisions (2)

2-3 Slav Javelinmen

0-1 Slav Archers

0-1 Slav Scouts


(2) Slavs cannot be used after 631 AD.



Avar Horse Archers

Heavy Horse Archers- Initiative 6 (Elite)

4 bases (80 pts)

6 bases (114 pts)


The Byzantines thought that the Avars were very experienced in military matters, and well organised. A proportion of the Avars- the 'illustrious'- rode horses with armour.


Avar Skirmishers

Light Horse Archers- Initiative 6

4 bases (60 pts)


Bulgar Horse Archers

Light Horse Archers- Initiative 6

4 bases (60 pts, -8 pts if allied)


Slav Javelinmen

Medium Irregulars- Initiative 5 (Ally)

6 bases (15 pts)

8 bases (18 pts)


Slav Archers

Light Archers- Initiative 5 (Ally)

4 bases (18 pts)


Slav Scouts

Light Irregulars- Initiative 5 (Ally)

4 bases (12 pts)



Nagy, K. (2005). Notes on the Arms of the Avar Heavy Cavalry, Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hung., 58(2), 135-148.

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