Arab Conquest

Arab Conquest Army


The traditional Arab organisation, may have been a five fold division

of the __hamis__.

The divisions were the advance guard (__muqaddamah__), centre (__qalb__),

right (__maymanah__), left (__maysarah__) and saqah (__rear__).


Early Conquest-Era armies, use their strategic mobility to occupy

positions their opponent would be compelled to attack. The Muslims

would defend their position, and wear down their opponent. Early

conquest armies lacked many mounted troops, and were largely organised

as foot. Most foot seemed to be armed with spears.

Rashidun-Era Army

(at an approximate ratio of 1 base to 100).

Dry Plains

Optional Units

0-3 Medium Fortifications or Defences per unit of shieldsmen

Medium fortifications are tethered camels, defences are ditches

Post-Rashidun-Era Army

Dry Plains

2-3 Divisions of

2-3 Arab Infantry


1-2 Divisions of

1 Arab Infantry

1 Arab Archer


any Arab foot units can have a detachment of shock-foot 'swordsmen'.


0-2 Cavalry

1 Mailed Cavalry

1-2 Arab cavalry




Optional Units

0-1 Mailed Cavalry

0-3 Medium Fortifications or Defences per unit of shieldsmen

0-1 Army Standard

Army Units

Arab infantry

elite Medium Shieldsmen- Initiative 6

4 bases 28 pts

6 bases 38 pts


+ 4 pts if include a swordsmen 'shock' detachment.


Arab Archers

Light or Medium Archers, elite- Initiative 6

4 bases 32 pts

6 bases 44 pts

+ 3 pts if include a swordsmen 'shock' detachment.


Ansar (Companions)

Medium Shock, audacious- Initiative 7

4 bases 37 pts

Can include `army standard'


Mailed Cavalry

Heavy irregular horse, elite- Initiative 6

2 bases 40 pts

4 bases (x) pts- Post-Rashidun era only.


Scouts or Arab cavalry

Light or Medium Irregular horse, elite- Initiative 6

2 bases 34 pts

4 bases (x) pts

Scouts or Arab cavalry can always dismount as light or medium irregular foot



Expert Heavy Horse Archers- Initiative 6

4 bases 76 pts



Elite Light Shieldsmen with Light Archer Detachment- Initiative 6

6 bases 45 pts

8 bases 56 pts


Medium Defenses (tethered camels) - 8 pts


Medium Fortifications (trenches)- 10 pts


Battle of Yarmouk

Battle of Yarmouk (Internet Medieval Source Book)