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Angevin Hungarian

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Angevin Hungarian Army 1301-1396


This covers the armies of the Angevin Kings of Hungary. A succession

dispute arose in 1301-8, after the extinction of the Arpad line. Charles

Robert of Anjou succeeded to the throne, initially with Croat support.


Robert was succeeded by his son Louis (1342). Louis died in 1382.

Louis's daughter Maria married the Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg who

ruled from 1387 to 1437.


Hungarian armies fought in the Balkans, often against the 'heretical'

Churches of the East. The Hungarians also campaigned in Italy in support

of Angevin aims in the peninsular.


Hungarian chivalry was slower adopting the heavier plate armours of the

Latin West, and showed Italian influence. The quantity of native horse

archers appeared to be diminishing, with the Angevins relying more upon

Wallachian and Transylvanian contingents.


Hungarian forces in Italy were not known for their discipline .che a modo

di gente Barbara non sanno osservare la disciplina militare ne essere

ubbidienti a'loro conudcitori. The Italian Matteo Villani commented on

the leather armour of the Hungarians besieging Treviso.


Sigismund introduced three reforms in the early 15th C. These were the

creation of the militia portal, a force of light mounted archers, an

influx of mercenaries and a strategic system of frontier fortresses

against the Turks. This implies a dearth of effective light horse archers

and solid foot in the Angevin period.


Sigismund advocated using his own Hungarian, German and Vlach infantry

(gregarii) to open the battle of Nicopolis.

Army list


1 Angevin or Royal Division

1 Angevin or German knights

1 Angevin or mercenary foot

0-1 Slovenian or German crossbowmen


1-2 Provincial Divisions

1 Hungarian knights

1 Gregarii

0-1 Vlach or Hungarian Archers


0-2 Wallachian or Transylvanian Divisions

1 Vlach Horse(1)

1 Vlach Horse


(1) Obly the generals unit can be upgraded to medium cavalry


0-1 Bosnian Division (1322- )

1 Bosnian knights

1-2 Bosnian archers


Optional Units

0-2 Cuman or Hungarian Horse Archers

0-2 Szekelers

0-2 German or Croat infantry

0-1 Slovenian or German crossbowmen


Angevin or German Knights

Armoured Chevaliers- Initiative 6, elite

3 bases (x pts)

4 bases (x pts)


Angevin or Mercenary foot

Medium Shieldsmen- Initiative 6

6 bases (pts)

8 bases (pts)


Slovenian or German Crossbowmen

Heavy Archers- Initiative 6, experts

4 bases (pts)


Hungarian or Bosnian Knights

Heavy Cheavliers- Initiative 6, audacious

3 bases (pts)

4 bases (pts)



Medium Shieldsmen- Initiative 5

6 bases (pts)

8 bases (pts)


Hungarian, Vlach or Bosnian Archers

Light or Medium Archers- Initiative 5

4 bases (pts)

6 bases (pts)


Vlach horse

Light or Medium Cavalry (with bows)- Initiative 6, audacious

4 bases (pts)

6 bases (pts)


Cuman or Hungarian Horse Archers

Light Horse Archers- Initiative 6

4 bases (pts)

6 bases (pts)



Light or Medium Cavalry (with bows)- Initiative 6, elite

4 bases (pts)


German or Croat foot

Heavy Shieldsmen- Initiative 5

4 bases (pts)

6 bases (pts)

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